Bošas 3 sezonas Online

Bošas 3 sezonas

(Bosch season 3)
  • Metai 2017
  • Šalis USA
Trukmė: 51min
Imdb: 8,4 iš 10
Kalba: Anglų (Originalus)
Režisisavo: Eric Ellis Overmyer, Michael Connelly
Aktoriai: Titus Welliver, Jamie Hector, Amy Aquino

Filmo siužetas:

Harry Bosch is an irreverent homicide detective in Los Angeles. Like any good protagonist he has problems with authority, follows his gut and bends a few rules while achieving the best solved case rate in all of California. Whatever situations the writers put him into he will undoubtedly be entertaining as he pursues justice.

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